Let's have a devil of a good time…

I have this friend, Debbie. She’s one of the few of my internet friends whom I’ve actually met in person, and she’s just lovely; kind and funny and knows her way around a bottle of wine. And, okay, she does have … Read the rest →

I first connected with Emmie Mears when we were in one of Kristen Lamb’s blogging classes, and over the last couple years have celebrated her milestones: signing with an agent, accepting her contract offer, & her gorgeous cover reveal. Today she’s … Read the rest →

So my friend Nana posted a very funny snippet of her current WIP  for her round of the Lucky 7 game. She tagged me, and since tomorrow is the day they announce the semifinalists for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, I … Read the rest →

So last night I started out reading King Solomon’s Mines by Henry Rider Haggard (pub1885, seminal pulp fic, recommended by KJ Charles, great book), but after a while (like a couple hours) I decided to try something else. No real … Read the rest →

So this week it is my very great pleasure to welcome Jami Gray to the blog. She recently celebrated the release of book 3 in the Kyn Chronicles, Shadow’s Moon, although the actual release day got sort of swept up … Read the rest →

So last night it was pizza and beer all the way, because that’s how I roll when I really have something to celebrate. Yesterday, after a fairly extended process (which I will detail here because my friend Sandy pointed out … Read the rest →

This is the first interview I’ve done in months and months, and it’s a good one! Last weekend Aneta Cruz’s newest book was released, and she’s here to talk about The Guardian, about writing, and about life… LR: What’s the … Read the rest →

A little bit ago, I got chatting on twitter with editor Rayne Hall, and she said she was putting together a Steampunk anthology. Hmm…Steampunk, I said. I’ve always wanted to write Steampunk, I said. Do it, she said. And send … Read the rest →

Couple of quick editorial notes… #1 This is a repeat of my blog post that first appeared last Monday on the Spellbound Scribes blog, but I liked it so much (if I do say so myself) I decided to post it … Read the rest →

Didja ever wonder what went on up at the nurses’ station after the last medication was given and the last patient call-light answered? Here’s Nana Prah, author of a couple of fabulous books, to let you in on our secrets.  And … Read the rest →


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