Let's have a devil of a good time…

  Deciding which books to review for my blog is usually pretty easy. If I read a book and a few days or a week later there’s still something that I’m chewing over, then I’ll likely review it. That’s how … Read the rest →

I’m so happy to welcome Lola Karns to the blog this morning. She has a fabulous new contemporary romance called Bad Traveler – you can check out my review HERE - and she agreed to answer a few interview questions… LR: … Read the rest →

I’m so excited to have Debbie Christiana on my blog today! She’s been here before – most recently when she came by to talk about the horror anthology DarkLight Four – and I’m thrilled that she’s back. She recently celebrated a … Read the rest →

I’ve got a new idea for the blog. For the next few weeks, I’ll be running a Teaser Tuesday post, graciously supplied by Debra at The Book Enthusiast. Why am I doing this? Because I want to show you new … Read the rest →

Counting down the last few weeks until the release of my contemporary novella, Between the Sheets, and I thought I’d share a bit to whet your appetites. Maggie’s a music teacher who got dumped on the altar. She’s been leery of … Read the rest →

In 1976, Ann Rice published a novel called Interview With A Vampire. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? The novel took a couple years to catch on, but when it did, it hit big. Within a few years of its publication, … Read the rest →

I have this friend, Debbie. She’s one of the few of my internet friends whom I’ve actually met in person, and she’s just lovely; kind and funny and knows her way around a bottle of wine. And, okay, she does have … Read the rest →

I first connected with Emmie Mears when we were in one of Kristen Lamb’s blogging classes, and over the last couple years have celebrated her milestones: signing with an agent, accepting her contract offer, & her gorgeous cover reveal. Today she’s … Read the rest →

So my friend Nana posted a very funny snippet of her current WIP  for her round of the Lucky 7 game. She tagged me, and since tomorrow is the day they announce the semifinalists for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, I … Read the rest →

So last night I started out reading King Solomon’s Mines by Henry Rider Haggard (pub1885, seminal pulp fic, recommended by KJ Charles, great book), but after a while (like a couple hours) I decided to try something else. No real … Read the rest →


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