Which Paranormal Character Would YOU Be?

For those of you who’ve been following along, you know I love all things paranormal, with a special place in my heart for stories involving witches. Therefore I’m very excited to have the opportunity to play hostess for one of my fellow Crimson Romance authors, Rowena May O’Sullivan. She’s traveled all the way from New Zealand to tell you about the first book in her Greenwood Witch trilogy, called The Silver Rose….

The Silver Rose cover

If you were magical what creature or person would you be? I’ve always wanted to be a witch like Samantha in Bewitched. I loved the notion of that nose twitch and instantly something magical would happen. Oh, how I tried to twitch my nose on many an occasion, and now as an adult with a grandchild, I still try to twitch my nose from time to time. Alas, the magic hasn’t kicked in yet.

Once Bewitched finished, I became engrossed in other pursuits, such as ballet, theatre, singing and reading. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on, including the back of labels in the bathroom. Seriously. I did. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I rediscovered magic in the form of a trilogy from the library about a set of magical stones, but alas the titles escape me. But it whetted my appetite for more. I discovered Ray Bradbury, a little science fiction if you please. It stands to reason that I read these type of books as my father was an avid reader and read widely including all the books by Eric von Daniken about beings from outer-space.

Next came Anne McCaffrey. I loved her Pern books. I read them all out of order as I couldn’t work out which was the first one. That first book, Moreta, Dragonlady of Pern had me hooked and I worked my way through all her books on Pern and then moved on to read others including The Rowan, The Crystal Singer etc. etc. etc. I discovered The Wizard of Seattle by Kay Hooper. Wow. Wonderful. This was what I loved. Then came the Nora Roberts Key trilogy, my favorite being Dance Upon The Air. I loved those books. You get the picture I’m sure you know by now that I LOVE BOOKS. Especially paranormal romance.

I also read Jill Barnett. For those of you who have not, please look her up. She is still writing although not as often, but her books are mostly historical with paranormal elements. Some of the situations her heroines find themselves in are laugh out loud funny and I adore them all. If I were to pick one to start with I’d choose Bewitching. Dreaming and Wonderful. They are keepers.

Then there is the wonderful and uber-talented Nalini Singh. She is someone to look up to and aspire to. Her world building is amazing. Her characters wonderful. I love her PSY Changeling series and the Guildhunter series as well.

You will not then, be surprised that I turned to writing to create magical stories of my own and now I have my very first published book, The Silver Rose, a paranormal romance available as an ebook. Print On Demand will be available from Amazon in the next few weeks.

I started writing this blog thinking about what creature I would like to be. The thing is, I still want to be a witch. So I guess the natural progression was to write about things I love. In a dream I was delivered a brown package and when I opened it, there was a book inside, my first published book, called The Bells of Marylebone. The premise for my very first book, The Silver Rose, Book 1 of what I call the Greenwood Witches trilogy, came from this title and the Bells of Marylebone have a very significant meaning and appear in The Silver Rose. The Greenwood witches are about three sisters, all powerful witches, whose time has come. They must overcome adversity to achieve their dreams and find love. They each have their own story to tell. The first story is about Rosa, the eldest sister.

If you would like to learn more about me, or would like to subscribe to my newsletter, you can visit my website at www.rowenamayosullivan.com

The Silver Rose can be purchased from:

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I’d love to hear about what magical creature or person you would like to be? What magical power would you like to have?

I’d like to thank Liv for allowing me to appear on her blog. I live in NZ so the time zone may mean I cannot respond immediately to your comments, but I will pop in from time to time and reply to you all.

May your nose twitch with the wonder of magic and love.


Bio Picture

As a child Rowena May O’Sullivan dreamed of becoming a writer. Before that she dreamed of becoming an actress, a ballerina, singer, hairdresser, an adventurer, a magician, you get the picture. Reading while walking was another passion until she fell down a manhole while doing so. Her only thought, save the book! In order to fulfill her dreams, she eventually returned to her first desire, writing. At least that way she could create stories and become any heroine she wanted without actually endangering herself. Although Rowena has travelled the world she chooses to live in the very beautiful New Zealand where she was born. Learn more about Rowena at www.rowenamayosullivan.com, or visit her Facebook page or on Twitter.

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22 Responses to Which Paranormal Character Would YOU Be?

  1. R.T. Wolfe says:

    You have one of my favorite colors, Rowena. It truly pops. Great post!
    -R.T. Wolfe

  2. Molly says:

    Does it have to be a magical character or can we just pick a supernatural one? I’m going with the latter. I’d definitely be Elena Gilbert (TV version) because, well…..Damon.

  3. Katie says:

    Though Rachel Cain’s Weather Warden series isn’t marketed as romance, there’s an epic romance throughout the books. All this to say, I’d want to be her heroine, JoAnne! She’s part of a secret government organization called the Wardens. She’s a weather warden, so she can control wind and water and start or stop storms in their tracks. There are also fire and earth wardens, and they all keep the planet from trying to kill us 🙂 AMAZING series!

  4. Nana Prah says:

    Interesting post Rowena. I would love to be a vampire slayer (like Buffy, but only if I could have cool friends to fight with me, and a hot boyfriend like Angel- who didn’t turn evil)

  5. Thank you Liv for having me on your website. You’re an angel!

  6. Liv says:

    It was very much my pleasure, Rowena. You come back any time! 😉

  7. Tami Clayton says:

    I have to second Molly’s idea of being Elena Gilbert. Sexy, shirtless vampires? Yes, please. 🙂

  8. Yes, I’ll have some Damon too, BUT I’m going to buck the trend and state I’d like to be a ranger, like Aragorn (but female).
    This may have something to do with the character I’m playing in my first ever D&D game…
    Good luck with your trilogy, Rowena!

  9. Kim Griffin says:

    I’m not sure which paranormal character I would be, but I will say that I have tried and failed at various times in my life to twitch my nose like Samantha. Unfortunately, I must wiggle it with my finger like Tabitha 🙂
    I enjoyed your post!

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